Discover the advantage of blockchains and crypto-currencies for your business


London-based consultants, providing services internationally, advising on the optimum approaches blockchains, decentralized networks, smart contracts and distributed ledgers. Our independent and unbiased knowledge and advice make us the best partner for any organisation considering an entry into the blockchain world.

That’s where DPI Partners come in


The DPI Difference™

Frustrated with the hype and complexity of blockchain, and having spent years consulting across all business sectors, providing insightful advice to industry leaders, DPI's founders set about redefining the way transactions can be done.

The result is DPI Partners – a refreshingly different approach to blockchain.

We are committed to...
• A commercial first, low-risk approach
• Listening, really listening, to your business needs
• Transparent communication and pricing


Do you need blockchain advice?
• Would you like to explore blockchains, smart contracts, distributed ledgers and decentralized networks?
• Would you love to talk to someone who can make quick sense of your block chain questions?

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Our services

The DPI Partners team have unrivalled expertise in...



  • Assist clients to plan for implementation
  • Move existing applications to distributed ledgers and decentralized networks.
  • Develop own blockchain systems.


  • Manage and oversee roll-out programmes for clients  committed to blockchain technologies
  • Support and give assistance using our RASERS™ approach.


  • Advise organisations already working with blockchain technology
  • Help beginners experimenting in blockchain.
  • Experience gained from many verticals.

Our commitment

At DPI Partners we offer a refreshingly different approach. This innovation and new technology is a genuinely worldwide marvel and our consultants can develop meaningful partnerships with organisations wishing to enter the blockchain space. We are determined partners from across many industry sectors, with more than twenty years of consultancy experience, helping businesses attain success through innovative technology solutions.

Whether you're in need of advice or a partner to help you
build a comprehensive blockchain strategy, DPI Partners is here to help your
organisation accomplish its goals.