We care for each other, the team & society

Our culture is coaching, mentoring & mutually supportive
We bring problems to the attention of the accountable person – we don’t walk on by
We are comfortable with our actions – integrity, morality and quality are our watch-words
Doing good for others in society works – We give back by volunteering and charity
The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible



We're passionate about our IT work

Our solutions make commercial sense, independent of brand
We get excited about new technologies and innovations to enable competitive advantages
We provide Rasers solutions: reliable, auditable, secure, extensible, robust & scalable
While technology costs – people cost more – in terms of delivery and satisfaction
Every business is different and every culture is different
We will treat clients as individuals and find solutions that meet their culture
We give advice we believe in



We have a 'can do' attitude and the grit to see things through

We take ownership by being accountable and responsible for our actions
We take care of our language and presentation – no techno-babble
We listen first, then talk with empathy – two ears and one mouth
• We are aware of the way we look and act. This generates positive self-pride in the real-world and online
 We enjoy our work and have an energetic sense of fun – a smile costs nothing
 Humour will help us through roadblocks and bring everyone on-board
 Say thank you and praise when a job has been well done
 We positively respond to all feedback & seek feedback where none is given



Relentless improvement of staff and business

We never stop learning or find the opportunities to learn
• We seek education and knowledge from others
• Our staff develop and deepen their understanding in things that are important to their role
• We continuously improve ourselves and our processes to achieve operational excellence



Collaborative approach with clients

• We work with clients collaboratively   
• Great clients are great business – take care and be flexible with them
• We speak to our clients in clear, layman’s English and not complicated techno jargon
• We convert Client needs and problems into solutions – making things easy for them
• We will act as a seamless part of our clients, getting our sleeves rolled up to assist them




Individually strong, collectively extraordinary

We are proud to celebrate a real DPI 'Ethos'. This is built from our vision of Excellence and should be evident in how we act, behave, the choices we make and the people and partners we meet.

Our values centre on what we do & make us that bit different to others:



We are Supportive

We approach challenges in a supportive way – listening, always on point, smart and friendly, and willing to go the extra mile.

We are Spirited

We believe in what we do & have a positive energy about the way we make things happen. We challenge the status-quo.

We are Accountable

We “own” issues and opportunity equally, involving our colleagues where appropriate, until their effective conclusion.

We Simplify

We communicate without IT jargon. We believe delivering excellence starts with how we communicate.

We Surprise

We listen to the details and surprise those around us with our knowledge, attention & passion. We look for opportunities to do Tiny Little Things (TLT’s) for clients and our colleagues.